BauMarketing® was founded by the marketing company KPD 100 in April, 2006 as a result of long-term successful cooperation with building companies in the market research business. For this time leading enterprises of their segments became clients and buyers of our researches (in alphabetical order): CRH; Colden Tile; Knauf; Lafarge; Rockwool; Ruukki; SQM Experts; Usaid|bizpro; Al'cest; Budmax; ZBK of the name of S.Koval'skoy; Karkas; KIG; Coagulant; Maksimus; Onduline; Orbital; TPK; Ukrstal'konstrukciya; Fomal'gaut; Henkel Bautechnik and others. References

For today BauMarketing® is:

Our mission – assistance in business development  to the dynamic companies representing the following industries:

Our business is connected with the process of our clients marketing activity, namely, namely: