Rockwool Ukraine estimates BauMarketing team professional qualities in the research work implementing very high. Based on their findings, we better understand processes of building market development and can satisfy the necessities of our clients in the best way.

Yaroslav Pidlypchak, marketing specialist

In 2006 KPD 100 company received on order for technical help in USAID | BIZPRO project - a particular branch research "Diagnostics of construction materials sector". Taking into account the complication and lack of researches of this sector, the analytical report was useful not only for project but also for companies-representatives of construction materials market which actively used the report information in their work. Both the employees of the project and building sector companies noted the high professional level of the analytical report, that allows to recommend a company KPD 100 as a skilled particular branch analyst in the researches of construction materials market.
Ann Bogdanova, director of USAID | BIZPRO project monitoring and effectiveness estimation

The Russian group of companies "Premium" ( ) is fully satisfied with the collaboration with BauMarketing. We satisfied by their professionalism and the company employees accuracy which allowed us to receive answers to the vital questions absolutely exactly. BauMarketing creates a high-quality product, allowing to make up the right decisions about one or another projects on the Ukrainian building market with the highest degree of probability. We intend to continue our collaboration in future, as we trust the opinion of BauMarketing.
Dmitry Kharchenko, development director, “Premium”

Together with a BauMarketing we realized a few projects on building market research, including the study of TPK advertising and PR campaign efficiency. We remained satisfied with the collaboration results. The work was executed in time and in a high-quality way. Communication with BauMarketing was easy and effective.
Dmitry Sofronov, marketing director, TPK