BauMarketing has completed a study of the commercial construction market: we conducted an analysis of the new construction of objects in 10 (ten) segments with the help of analysis of permits and selective field audits of objects, and found quite encouraging results.


News of the construction market from BauMarketing - now on LinkedIn


Company BauMarketing participated in the annual conference of dry mixes "Budmiks".


New service of our company - lead generation in overseas markets.


Welcome to the group of "Real Estate, Construction, Building materials Marketing and Markets" in a network of professional contacts LinkedIn.


BauMarketing has released its own version of what is happening in the market of real estate branding.


BauMarketing has released annual market reports of the following types of construction products: Paints, Dry mixes, Bricks, Wallpapers, Windows / doors, Tiles, Cement


In 2011, repairs were the dominant form of activity in the construction sector.

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