2010-2011 years were very stable for small repair and construction organizations and teams. According to the end of 2011survey, the amount of repair and construction overall in country, where these companies were involved in, were surprisingly similar.


Congratulations to Vladimir Sokhu, the head of "Henkel Bautechnik Ukraine" with a well-deserved first place in the ranking.


The construction industry turned out to be one of the most affected by the crisis of 2009-2010. Now there is some recovery: we can see it not only personally, reading the offersfor apartments in new buildings, looking at the resumption of work on incomplete construction, but also from BauMarketing target researches*.


The BauMarketing company announces the launch of a new syndicated project - the research of large consumers of building materials, constructions, technologies and equipment.


The BauMarketing company with Brandesign announces the launch of a new service - research and development of real estate brands.


To inform our current and future customers of schedule of regular projects for the current year.


Price and quality are key factors of building products choice. However, this tandem is unable to ensure the success of the manufacturer on the market. It must be something "third."


According to the research of construction and repair activity, private individuals are still trade more often in specialized building store than in a supermarket.


Ukrainians demonstrate cautious optimism in the plans to renovate their own property in 2011.

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