The crisis has brought in its changes in plans of average Ukrainian to buy and to build the real estate, but a private house remains in plans independent of the state of economy.


A new service for companies which are left without marketing support.


Our 200th supplier registered at the portal


European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) launches in Ukraine "Business Advisory Services Program".


The Ukrainians are planning repairs, in spite of the crisis, which consequences are so actively discussed by all in 2009: rich and poor, politicians and voters, bankers and investors, buyers and sellers.


The crisis made to sober not only marketing specialists and financiers. The construction sector company (to which we refer the manufacturers and dealers of building materials, as such the developers and representatives of development industry) also moderated their staffing and salary ambitions.


Every second (52.3%) of the interviewed Ukrainian plans to hold energy-efficient events at his home in the next 2-3 years. These results of BauOmnibus study in spring 2010, conducted by BauMarketing ® company.


BauMarketing completed research of commercial construction market of Ukraine in year 2009.


In January 2010, has been launched a new wave of salaries and compensation in the construction industry research - BauSalary.


BauMarketing company took part in the meeting of the Ukrainian Real Estate Club.

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