In 2009, every second Ukrainian family (54, 5%) prefers to do repairs yourself. Such data are annual research of construction and repair activity of the population, which makes BauMarketing ® company since 2007. The third of respondents (30, 7%) engages the experts only for certain types of construction work and every seventh of interviewed families (14, 8%) engages experts for all types of construction work.


According to the annual market research of commercial construction, held at the junction of the current and next year in November-January in 2008 in Ukraine has begun construction of 880 commercial properties with total area of 10.6 mln m2.


We inform our current and future clients that in 2009 BauMarketing ® provides the following traditional projects:


BauMarketing performed as a partner of the creative marketing game "How to receive maximum profit, using the current condition of the building market in Ukraine", which was organized during the biggest building forum of Ukraine "Building industry and architecture. Autumn 2008".


The round table on the topic "The ways and methods of the building market measurement in Ukraine" took place in “Galizkie kontrakty” editor’s office on 12th of September, 2008.


BauMarketing® continue to release the basic reports about the construction materials market condition including the manufacture, import and export issues.


According to the data of annual population construction and renovation activity research, conducted by BauMarketing® company second time, each second Ukrainian family hires specialists for the renovation. Only one tenth part of people gives to the masters the whole work, 40% are ready to pay only for separate types of work, which they cannot do by themselves.


10th of April Ukrainian Rada released the protocol about the entering into World Trade Organization (WTO). 16th of April Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine forwarded a note to the general secretary of WTO, where it announces about the release of this protocol. Now during 30 days, or until 16th of May, Ukraine will become an official member of the biggest in the world trading organization.


The first and the only in Ukraine practical seminar, devoted to the practice of marketing researches on the construction markets conducting took place on 23th of May, 2008. Seminar attracted the attention of more than ten professional market players – marketing specialists of biggest construction companies - manufacturers and suppliers of the construction materials, and also analysts of the leading construction periodicals. This event was organized by BauMarketing company – specialized agency of building marketing.


Situation in the building industry in Ukraine for the last 2 years can be evaluated as a building boom. In the year 2007 it was built almost 1/5 times more residential real estate then in 2006 and it was started the construction of the commercial objects of twice more area. Moreover, the rise construction exceeds the rise in the building materials industries. During all year the regular claims as for the absence of the building materials (for example, concrete) appeared in the specialized press. Prosperous economic situation, which will last according to some forecasts minimum till the year 2010, will attract the investments (including foreign investments) to the building materials sector.

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