Construction companies, which success and commercial productivity often depends on the «human factor», have to face regularly the personnel question solution, more often – its material component. Based on the building industry salaries and compensations analysis, conducted by BauMarketing®, they can track the tendencies on the employment industry market in the spheres of work payment and compensations in the structure of positions and regions.


Middle class as the most active category of consumers is interesting for the marketing specialists of different markets.


BauMarketing® is completing the annual research – measuring of commercial building market quantitative indexes (number of commercial buildings, area, segments, regions). The purpose of this project – to provide the objective marketing information, separated from PR and unrealized plans to the commercial real estate market operators. All available market information, collected by our own forces on the permanent basis and by the market players – general contractors, suppliers of bearings and barriering constructions and developers – is used and mainly checked up in the field for this purpose. Collection of information is conducted up to December 28, 2007, the report will be available from 15th of January, 2008. For the additional information please contact BauMarketing®.


In may 2007 started the new regular project of BauMarketing® - BauSalary. The purpose of the project is to provide the information about the salary level in the industry to the construction market operators. This product is useful for the companies which are interested in their employees’ salaries and compensations analysis and comparison with the salaries of other companies. The project includes answers to many actual issues concerning the ratings of the popular in the construction area office and management specialties, the level and peculiarities of the work payment, regional difference in the salaries etc.


8th of June, 2007 BauMarketing® representatives took part in the second all-ukrainian practical work «Industrial marketing», with a lecture «Methodologies of building researches: opportunities and limitations». During the lecture the questions of usage of the construction market research traditional methods were lighted up, and also BauMarketing®'s author methods of building industry research were presented. The features of extrapolation method at market volume calculation were considered on the example of the retail objects construction market.


A new syndicate project of BauMarketing® - BauOmnibous - started in Aprile, 15. During conducting of the research it will be obtained the most "fresh” information about the building and repair activity of Ukrainian population, about the general market and the private consumers of construction materials, such as:

  • gypsum panels;
  • roofs;
  • mansard windows etc.

Research methodology: questioning of 2500 households in all regions of Ukraine. Sample is district multi-stage that is representative for all Ukraine. Research results can be acquired from June, 10.


Round table on the topic "Commercial building market in Ukraine: volume, trends and development perspectives" organized by BauMarketing® together with the magazine “Building and reconstruction” took place on 20th of December, 2006. Companies – market operators Llenabhallen, NCS Ukraine, RUUKKI, Altis, Europrofile, Karkas, Promtechmontazh-2, Sakti Plus, STS, ZKS, and also periodicals “Building and reconstruction”, “Budmaster”, “Commercial Property” took part in the event. The results of the conducted market research on this topic where presented to the participants of the round table.


The conference “Creation of the effective business strategy on the building materials market” took place in Kiev on 2nd of December, 2006. The conference attracted the attention of more than forty companies – manufacturers of building materials.


We suggest to review the research of building materials sector, which was conducted by the company KPD 100; project of BauMarketing®, by the order of BIZPRO project.

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