Realized projects


The research of prefabricated sandwich panels market was conducted


A desk research of the market of aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, tin, magnesium, nickel, brass and stainless steel was conducted to open a new plant.


A desk research of the volume of the  power tools market in 77 categories was conducted


As part of the project BauProfi a survey of foremen and managers of small businesses on the knowledge and features of paints purchase was conducted.


The questionnaire type study of private consumer paints.


It was conducted a qualitative study on the method of in-depth interviews in order to find the output format on the foremen market.


A study of Ukrainian agricultural construction market by the method of audit objects (additional segment of the commercial construction market was highlighted) was conducted.


A desk research of the market flooring materials: multilayer board, flooring, solid wood, laminate, lenoleum, carpeting was made


A desk research of finishing materials market in Ukraine was made.


Name creation for the new company in the market of materials for the  commercial construction objects was done.

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