Realized projects


Research of consumers’ attitudes toward environmental issues and energy efficiency, intentions to invest in energy-efficient measures.


Research issues related to the intentions to insulate homes / apartments, as well as sources of information about insulation.


Research of methods and directions of reorganization of manufacturers and distributors of construction materials in markets that have demonstrated the most negative fall indexes, and also a research of product innovation of "the victims".


Comprehensive research of the market for construction services and work implemented in the interests of general contract organization.


Research of the building materials manufacturers’ business conduct effectiveness in the new economical conditions.


Research of the paints knowledge and choice factors (among the individuals).


Interview-type research among the private consumers of the sanitary engineering.


In the framework of annual BauOmnibus research it was measured media-activity of building materials private consumers, and investigated the sources of information about the building materials.


Office-analytical research of profile for the gypsum cardboard installation market.


Marketing and financial-economical analysis (pre-investment stage) of the logistic complex construction project.

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