Realized projects


Office pre-research of the cottage settlements market in the Kiev region.


Research of the roofing materials manufacturer advertising company effectiveness – private persons of middle+ class.


Research of the tile glue and gypsum mixtures consumers (Kiev).


Complex office-field research of the non-steel building materials market.


Field research of the ceramic tile consumers (private and professional).


Research of the limestone market and search for the perspective enterprises for the investments / acquisition.


Estimation of the industrial segment market volume (from 2002 till 2007 year), by the segments, areas, number of floors.


Research of the industrial building market structure in the areas of framework materials, walls, roofing; warming type; construction structure.


Office research of the put into operation, built and planned residential real estate (years 2005-2004).


Research of the walls materials and warming technologies in the building of high rise and low rise buildings.

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