Marketing and investment researches

• industries analytical researches;
• initial search of enterprises for the investments;
• market researches (volumes, competition, tendencies);
• customer researches (acquaintances; intentions; estimations; relations);
• product researches (quantitative, qualitative, desk researches);
• trade mark researches;
• special market researches, consumer researches, people flow (for opening of the specialized shopping centres);
• satisfaction level researches;
• reputation audit;
• prices researches;
• advertising efficiency researches, etc.

Author's methodologies:

Objects audit
Reputation audit

Marketing and sales consulting

1. Consulting in the area of:

• marketing department creation and increase of efficiency;
• strategic and operational marketing;
• selection of marketing partners (including organization of tenders), audit of their performance and results;
• implementation of marketing researches results in the company’s tactic and strategy;
• developments of service standards;
• organizations of effective sales department (in particular – active and projected);
• practicing / formalization of marketing business processes, production of marketing budgeting technology, media planning, controlling, based on TQM methodologies and ISO requirements;
• projects of regional development supportand growth of sales network, trade marketingproduction, updating of assortment programs for retail;
• development and support of promotions to stimulate sales in retail and wholesale, seasonal and special events for consumers;
consulting on effective marketing management within the company (from strategic planning to implementation of the elements and technologiesof operating marketing). Development of marketing analytic function in the company, etc.

2. Marketing planning:

• formulation of marketing goals and tasks;
• audit of company’s marketing activity;
• assistance in marketing-plans creation (including plans for investment projects);
• budgeting of marketing measures, search for the most effective solutions;
• revision of the existing plans, etc.

Marketing outsourcing “MIR

Brands creation and support

• research of the future brand market environment;
• brand-book creation;
• development of conception / strategies of branding (re-branding);
• brand testing;
• brand evaluation, preparation to the brand sale;
• brand audit;
• organization of tenders on brand advertising and PR support, etc.

Branding of real-estate objects

Personnel search and development

• search of top-managers and marketing personnel;
• organizational consulting;
• organizational structure audit;
• audit of internal communications;
• V.Shepelev author trainings «School of active sales», «Management School», «Project management in construction» and others;
tailor-made trainings.