Experienced specialists passing long-term school of the building marketing work within BauMarketing® company. They worked as marketing, sales and development directors, analysts and researchers of product markets, in companies - producers and sellers of construction materials, where engaged into development of companies and project management in area of real estate.

Projects teams are created for each separate project, and represented by different specialists – marketing specialists, analysts, trainers, advertising specialists, designers and others.


Victoria Pasechnik, General Project Manager 

Victoria works in the area of marketing and marketing researches more than 13 years. Her experience include more than 200 research projects executed for more then 60 companies. She is an author of more than 150 articles and 40 speeches on different specialized conferences. She has master’s degree in marketing-management KNEU (1998) and a degree of specialist in commercial and labour law IAPM (2002). Her professional interests are: benchmarking, ways of business efficiency growth, innovations.




Alexander Prokhorenko, consultant

More than 12 years of experience in marketing. He made a marketing career from a product-manager to the executive director in the big local companies. Under his guidance tens of marketings researches is successfully conducted both with bringing in of the specialized contractors and by own forces of companies specialists. He is an author of several publications on marketing management and branding. He has KNEU magisterial diploma of marketing-management (1998).
Competences: innovative techniques in individual and corporate branding, brand creation, integrated marketing communications, organizational consulting. Sphere of professional interests: marketing, process approach in management, technologies of project management.



Natalia Khodko Consultant

Has more than 15 years of professional experience in the field of intelligence, social and marketing research. Natalia has experience of organization both small and national research, enterprises and the population of Ukraine. Education: Department of Sociology, Kharkiv National University in name of Karazin (1997). Has post-graduated diploma at the same faculty (2000) and received a degree in sociology (2002).
Professional interests: sociology, market research, urban demography.

Vadim Shepelev, Trainee, Business-consultant 

Vadim has 15-years experience on management positions in leading multi-national and Ukrainian companies (“TPK” LTD, “Gillette”, “Temde-Ukraine”). He is an author of programs: “Management of the departments”, “Effective negotiations technique”, “Sales development strategy”, “Corporate service standards”, “Effective time management”, “Successful public presentation”, “Marketing offers diversification”, “Company development strategy”, etc.
Vadim is an author of publications on personnel education and development in the following periodicals: “Business”, “HR department”, “Contracts”, etc.
He has successfully realized several educational projects in the building companies: TPK, Isobud, Karkas, BlockMaster, Modern-21, Bud Stars, Golden Tile, Azbi, Megacom, etc.
He has a higher pedagogical education (LGIFK, 1980), higher psychological education (T. Shevchenko Kyiv National University, 2006), and a diploma of Business-Trainers School BSCG, 2004.


Alexander Martynov, Financial Consultant

Specializes in the introduction of modern management systems in enterprises: Modern methods of ERP, Management and Cost Accounting, Financial Management (budgeting and controlling), Investment Management, Financial Analysis, Business - planning. More than 15 years experience in this field in the Ukrainian and international companies.

He developes and implements projects in areas such as construction, building materials, food processing, glass production, energy efficiency and innovation. Clients: Kodryansky Glassworks, Ukrryba, Poltava GOK, Karlovski Machine Works, Thermax-Stone, Insahprom, Dubno, sugar, Ukrros etc. 

He also worked as director, financial director, project manager in various Ukrainian and international companies, where improved the management of the company, developed the system of the Balanced Scorecard, introduced modern methods and systems of strategically oriented budgeting and control, deal with industrial consulting, developing operational strategy, introduce modern concepts of planning and resource management industry, provided diagnosis and re-engineering of business processes, and investment appraisal.

Finished the program General MBA. Has a degree in the field of: Communications Engineer (Odessa Electrotechnical Institute of Communications), economist (Kiev Shevchenko University), a specialist in the management of organizations (Kiev Institute of Business and Technologies), financier (KIBIT).